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For rural Internet service in Maryland, what's the best choice?

Living in a rural area can have its advantages. It's quiet. It's peaceful. And depending on your personality, it can provide a more laid-back and enjoyable lifestyle. But rural living can also have its disadvantages. For example, you may not be in close proximity to certain businesses and attractions, or you may have to drive long distances to take your kids to school or get to work.

One big disadvantage of living in remote areas is that you have limited options for rural Internet service.  If you like to surf the Web, download music and videos and send email, figuring out which of the rural Internet options in Maryland to choose can be frustrating. What are your choices?

Dial-up has severe limitations

Most customers who live in rural areas rely on a telephone landline to receive Internet service. Although this was once the most popular method of Internet access, it has since been surpassed by much faster and much more versatile solutions.

What are the disadvantages of dial-up? Why don't telephone lines make good rural Internet options for Maryland customers?

  • Dial-up Internet is notoriously slow. Modern connections can load most Web sites in a matter of seconds, whereas dial-up connections can take minutes to load a single page.
  • Dial-up requires you to take over your home's primary phone line, or to install a separate landline dedicated exclusively to Internet use so that you don't miss important calls while you're using the Internet. The former is inconvenient; the latter is costly.
  • Unlike other rural Internet options, dial-up doesn’t offer instant, always-on Web access. With dial-up, it takes significantly longer to initiate a browsing session.

Don't settle for dial-up. Explore better options.

DSL or cable Internet might not be available in your area

DSL and cable Internet are among the most popular sources. Customers nationwide can usually seek out their local cable companies to bundle their services like cable, Internet and telephone. DSL and cable also offer the fast connection speeds necessary to carry out high-bandwidth activities like watching videos, downloading music and uploading pictures to social networking sites like Facebook.

As far as rural Internet service in Maryland goes, DSL may not be your best option, or it may not be an option for you at all. If you qualify for service, you may find out that it will be slow due to your position in the overall framework. In other words, the farther your Internet signal has to travel to and from your service provider, the slower your Internet speeds become.

For most people in rural areas, DSL and cable aren’t even options. It's simply too difficult for most cable companies to provide Internet for rural areas in Maryland. What do you do?

Satellite Internet offers high speeds in rural areas of Maryland

For those who are tired of dial-up but can't get DSL or cable access, rural satellite Internet is the best choice. Satellite Internet providers, like HughesNet®, offer all the benefits of DSL and cable, including fast download speeds and efficient, enjoyable browsing. And service is available almost anywhere in Maryland. In fact, the only requirement is that your home has a clear view of the southern sky so your satellite Internet system can get a signal from your service provider's main satellites.

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